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Calling all potters, artisans, professionals, students, and community artists at Paint-Your-Own-Pottery stores!

You are SO talented and/or kind-hearted! We mean it, you really are! So why not use that talent/kindness to feed the hungry? This means that your skill and willingness to share your gift could make a very real impact. The success (and future) of the Memphis Empty Bowls Project is dependent on the number of bowls we are able to acquire, so your support is critical!


Potters, artisans, and educators donate handcrafted bowls to donate to the project. Later, in exchange for a donation, guests are invited to dinner where they are asked to select one of the donated bowls to take home as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the Memphis area. Money raised will go to local projects fighting hunger. Together, we can fill empty bowls.  


Complete a short Bowl Donation Pledge Form by clicking here. This information is an enormous help to the planning committee. Your  form submission will be celebrated and appreciated! 


  • The deadline for bowl and artwork donations for the event is November 9, 2018. However, we would much prefer to pick up and store (or have you drop off) any donations that you have ready at ANY point in advance of that date.
  • The bowls should be some where in the vicinity of 7"x3" (12-16 ounces).
  • Bowls can be decorative and not food safe, but if that's the case, please note that with your donation.
  • Professional artists might want to include a business card with each of their bowls.
  • If you wish, you could also put something on the bottom of the bowl such as your name and date or "MEBP 2018".
  • Larger or more sophisticated bowls will also be accepted for our Art Sale table.


Pick Up 

We will be happy (thrilled, even) to pick up and store your completed bowls well in advance of the Wednesday, October 17 deadline! To coordinate pick-ups or have your questions answered, contact [email protected], or visit the Contact Us page.

Drop Off

If you'd like, you can drop off your bowls at St. John's United Methodist Church in midtown Memphis at the corner of Peabody and Bellevue. St. John's is located at 1207 Peabody Avenue, Memphis, TN. Drop Off Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm, Sun: 9:00am-12:00pm. See the map on the Contact Us Page.

Thank You

Without the generosity of so many of the Mid-South's potters, artists, and students, this event could not take place. We thank them all for acts of compassionate creativity which will impact thousands of hungry Mid-Southerners. 

Every Bowl Makes a Difference in the Fight Against Hunger